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Trailer Manufacturers with Hickman Trailer

All trailers purchased through Hickman Trailer and used commercially will get the first year DOT Trailer Inspection FREE once the trailer has been registered, value of $50 and a comfort knowing that everything we sell will meet Federal and State DOT standards.  We have been providing quality trailer repair services in Colorado Springs since 1955, so we know quality when we see it and you can rest assured you will purchase quality products and services from Hickman Trailer.


Our Current Manufacturers websites are available for your review.  If you don’t see what you want or need in our inventory, check out these links and see if we can order what you need!

Cargo Trailer Options at Hickman Trailer include Bravo Trailers, Look Trailers and Stealth Trailers.


You Deserve Something Better

All Bravo Trailers deliver commercial-quality construction and high-performance features unmatched in the industry today. Understanding the Bravo differences is easy when you start with The Big 10 Reasons. No other brand gives you so many quality features at our competitive prices. Compare The Big 10 along with our many other differences and you’ll say, “Bravo!”

Bravo-Big 10Difference!

For model information, dowload or view the Brochure:


For Steel Trailers, Hickman Trailer is proud to represent Diamond C Trailers.


We design, manufacture, and market more than 45 diverse models of open flat-bed trailers. We are a custom manufacturer, offering many options for most standard models, and ground-up custom design and manufacturing additionally.

We distribute our products through a network of dealer partners across the United States and in Canada. We work to develop relationships with these partners that enable us to realize market trends and the desires of trailer users throughout the market.

We maintain our position as an industry leader by continuously demonstrating excellent quality and value, cutting edge innovation, and superior customer service.

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Want to know why Hickman Trailer chose Diamond C Trailers, these sheets will explain the difference.  Hickman Trailer has been servicing trailers since 1955 and we know quality when we see it, and that is Diamond C.

Detailed Model/Specification Sheets on standard stocked trailers

Still don’t see the exact trailer you need.  Either we can order it or maybe we can customize a trailer we currently have in-stock.  Just give us a call a 227-9959, we are here to help.