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Trailer Repair Services, Colorado Springs

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All estimates are based upon standard installations only.

VIN Verification and Appraisals of Trailers

For out of state registrations, Hickman will do VIN Verification.  We will need to see the trailer and the title/registration and the cost is $18.75.  We can also do appraisals on trailers.

Trailer Bearing Pack

Tear down idler hub or hub/drum, inspect and pack bearings/races, install new seal, test brake magnets and check brake shoes (if applicable), replace bearings/hub as necessary. Any problems found will be additional cost and estimated upon request. All will include a complementary 12-point inspection, focusing on legality and safety. We are the experts and if you have gone somewhere else, you just spent too much! Prices below reflect complete bearing pack pricing for labor, parts and supplies for trailers with axles up to 7000# GVWR, idler or electric drum brakes only. Nonstandard seals may be an additional fee.Trailer types: Pull Behind Trailers, Travel Trailers; 5th Wheel(add $100.00 to Bearing Pack Price) Travel Trailers; Cargo or Enclosed Trailers; Utility, ATV and Snowmobile Trailers; Horse or Livestock Trailers, Goose neck or Equipment Trailers, Dump Trailers.

Single Axle Bearing Pack:


Tandem Axle Bearing Pack:
*5th Wheel or Gooseneck will cost addl. fees


Triple Axle Bearing Pack:



This is the MOST important step in maintaining your trailer.  Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road, pay the tow truck driver and hope to find the parts you need to get back on the road.  So call us today to schedule your routine trailer maintenance with a Trailer Bearing Pack from Hickman Trailer.

Axle manufacturers recommend that proper lubrication is essential to the proper function and reliability of your trailer axle.  Bearings should be lubricated every 12 months or 12,000 miles.*

Keep in mind, under heavy use, dirty or wet conditions, more frequent bearing packs may be required.

In addition, when we do a bearing pack, we do a brake inspection at that time to check the condition of the magnet, pads, etc.  We stock all electric drum brake parts for 7000# and smaller axles and can repair anything during a standard bearing pack appointment.

Hydraulic Disc Trailer Brakes (In Most Cases)

Hickman Trailer will be stepping up to the plate in 2014 and start stocking more variations of hydraulic couplers traditionally found on most boat trailers.  As part of the service package we recommend the standard Single, Tandem or Triple Axle bearing packs above with the seals not included.  During this we do the standard 12 point inspection.  If the master cylinder is bad as part of the package, Hickman Trailer will not only replace the hydraulic coupler, but we will also replace the wheel cylinders.








This is based upon our history of working on the boat trailers.  Once you have an issue with the master cylinder, all cylinders need to be replaced at the same time, thus saving time, money and frustration for both you the customer and us.

DOT Trailer Inspection

Inspect trailer to ensure it is DOT legal upon completion of inspection. Problems identified will be additional cost and estimated prior to completion upon request. This service meets the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation requirement 396.17 Periodic Annual Inspection:

Trailer types: Travel Trailers; 5th Wheel Travel Trailers; Cargo or Enclosed Trailers; Utility, ATV and Snowmobile Trailers; Horse or Livestock Trailers, Goose neck or Equipment Trailers, Dump Trailers.  Currently recommended for any trailer used in a commercial application.

  • DOT Trailer Inspection, repairs additional: $50.00

Brake Control Installation

Install brake controller of your choice to the plug of your choice. All wiring is expertly installed to reduce impact to the appearance of your vehicle as well as to ensure that it will last.


  • Pre-wired Installation: Is your vehicle pre-wired for a brake control from the factory? You can call the dealership with your VIN to determine if your vehicle is pre-wired or stop in at your convenience Monday – Friday between 1-3PM and we can check it for you. Vehicle specific wiring harness or brake connector pigtail may be required.  If a harness is missing or required, this will be an additional charge.
  • Hard Wire Installation: Hickman Trailer will do a quality installation and will follow all manufacturers recommendations as applicable, plus we will do a neat and clean job so it is easier to rework, less susceptible to tangle and provides a higher reliability than the competition. This will include running a charge line to the plug (if needed), 7-pin RV style plug, bracket, single wire to run from front to rear and all shop supplies needed.



Note: If there has been any previous wiring or issues with the wiring on the individual vehicle,  we will follow Time and Material pricing. Some vehicles may require additional charges.

*Some vehicles may require additional charges.

Class I-V Trailer Hitch Inspection

Installation of fit-specific hitches.  *Installation is generally 1 hour labor unless there are any exhaust lowering or special requirements for your specific vehicle which can be viewed in the installation instructions.

 Goose neck Hitch Installation

Bulldog, Curt Quick Goose QC2 or B&W Goose neck hitch installation.  Additional charges apply for bed liners, toppers and wiring of an additional plug.  These rates are for the specific hitch and installation only and are the starting costs, some vehicles may require additional charges.  Please call to verify that the rates below apply to your Year, Make and Model truck.

Note: If there are any existing hitches, please call or bring your vehicle down so we can determine if we can install a new hitch or come up with a solution to your needs.

Axle Flip to Raise or Lower Trailer Tow Height

Hickman Trailer does not physically flip the axle because there is generally camber involved, but this is common terminology.  Generally we install the axle under the spring which provides approximately 4″ of lift.  This is needed in a lot of travel trailers because of the increase in new truck heights.  This will include new axle pads, labor, new shackle bolts/nuts and new U-bolts.  If you trailer has shocks, the pricing will be slightly higher assuming the shocks will extend to the new height.

Note: Many times, shocks can not be reattached due to lift and will simply be removed.


At Hickman Trailer, we want to be your “go to” trailer store.  We can do any customization on any trailer to support your needs.  Even on the new trailers that we sell, we want to fully customize/accessorize the trailer to your own business or individual needs.  Just ask us and we will quote you the work to get your needs fulfilled.

Hydraulic to Electric Brake Conversion

Living in the Rockies, we do this frequently.  Hydraulic brakes were not designed for mountain passes.  During normal driving with the steep inclines/declines, we see a lot of brake wear because the coupler is applying brakes during normal driving.

Note: Sometimes the existing hydraulic hub/drum can be used, sometimes it cannot.  We will not know until we tear down the existing setup.


Adding Brakes to an Existing Axle

Most manufacturers do smaller single axle trailers without brakes using a 3500lb axle and the trailer is rated at 2990# GVWR to follow the DOT requirements. If the axle has a 4 bolt square flange behind the idler hub, then brakes can be added to the trailer.  Or, if the trailer was purchased with 1 brake axle, and 1 idler axle, this does not meet enforced DOT in Colorado, especially if the trailer is being used commercially.

12 Point Inspection Done On Every Trailer Services At Hickman Trailer

With every trailer service, Hickman Trailer does a complete 12 Point Inspection that basically duplicates a Department of transportation (DOT) Safety Inspection:

  1. Electrical
  2. Plug Condition
  3. Coupler
  4. Tire Pressure/Tread
  5. Brakes Hit
  6. Has ALL Grease Caps
  7. Breakaway cable/carabiner
  8. Breakaway Battery
  9. Safety Chains
  10. Running Gear
  11. Axles
  12. Floor/Frame members

When your trailer leaves Hickman Trailer, you know you are ready to hit the road.  If you go anywhere else, you just spent too much!